2–14 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria

There are two prominent fire-related alarms installed at The Hallmark - smoke alarms in apartments and a fire alarm system with a communication device across the entire building. The Fire Brigade is authorised to enter the building at any time should a fire occur.

Smoke Alarm: The smoke detector in each apartment is hard wired with a battery backup. If your smoke detector activates in your apartment due to cooking or excessive steam your smoke detector does not notify the MFB (Fire Brigade).  DO NOT open your front entry door but rather place a towel or similar across the bottom of your entry door. Open your balcony doors/windows where possible to help disperse the smoke or excessive steam.

You reset your smoke detector by pressing and holding the "Hush" button.  It is recommended you replace your smoke alarm batteries every 12 months, usually on a date you will remember such as a birthday, end of financial year or the like.

Fire Alarm: The building has a fire alarm panel with detectors placed around the building.  If a detector or sprinkler is activated the MFB are notified and trucks will arrive.

Audible notifications for residents are generated from a central panel.  There are two alarms the first is the BEEP BEEP BEEP sound.  This is an ALERT tone which requires you to prepare to evacuate. The second is the WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP sound which is the signal to Evacuate.

The system may move from the ALERT to the EVACUATION tone.  When you hear the evacuation tone proceed immediately to the exit stairwell on your level, make your way to the ground floor and move to your assembly area at Monument Park (located south of the building across Albert Road).

Do not enter a lift during an evacuation.  If someone is unable to move down the stairwell ensue the MFB are advised.  They are trained to assist mobility impaired persons in these circumstances.

Other fire equipment: The building is also fitted with other fire measures such as emergency lighting, automatic sprinkler systems, exit lighting and signs.