2–14 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria

The Owners Corporation Committee is a legally structured group of Owners pursuant to the Owners Corporations Act 2006 (Vic). On behalf of The Hallmark Owners Corporation, the Committee manages and maintains the common property and ensures the best interests of the Owners Corporation are preserved through the establishment of OC Rules.

Committee members must be Lot owners. They hold office until a new committee is elected.

Amongst other things the Committee members must act honestly and in good faith, exercise due care and diligence, not make improper use of their position as a member to gain a personal advantage and report to the Owners Corporation at each Annual General Meeting.

The Hallmark Committee has developed a list of expectations for Lot Owners who might consider joining the Committee.  The expectations include that OC Committee members will attend all meetings, read all papers provided to committee members, actively participate in general activities of the Committee, take a leadership role in contributing to workings of the Committee and attend the relevant Annual General Meeting.  

Interest in joining the Committee should be communicated through the OC Committee section of this website. 

To assist the Committee maintain your high quality environment a Maintenance Plan has been established. Developed by independent specialists, following the Maintenance Plan assists the property retain its value through a formal cycle that ensures maintenance of major capital items are addressed within predetermined times.  

In conjunction with the Building Manager the Committee reviews maintenance issues at their regular meetings and formally reports to the Owners Corporation at each Annual General Meeting.

Should you wish to contact the Committee, please use the link below:

Contact the Committee