2–14 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria

Various rules, policies and operating procedures ensure issues relevant to community life are transparent and consistently addressed. The OC Rules attached to this section have been endorsed by the Owners Corporation.

The OC Rules comprise 15 core sections.  Amongst other things, the Rules seek to ensure adequate control, management, administration, use and enjoyment of the property and its various facilities such as gym and pool across The Hallmark community.

The Rules are provided pursuant to the Owners Corporations Act 2006 (Vic) and the Owners Corporations Regulations 2007 (Vic).

Where the Rules are silent on a particular matter, the model rules provided under the Owners Corporations Regulations 2007 (Vic) as amended from time to time relating to that matter are deemed to be included in these Rules.

In emergency or urgent situations, the Owners Corporation delegates its authority to the Building Manager or nominee to maintain the security and safety objectives of these Rules.

It is essential that Owners who are using Agents to manage rental agreements, ensure that their Agents and Occupiers are aware of these Rules.