2–14 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria

Induction is a mandatory requirement for all new Owners and Occupiers. This requirement maximises the safety and security of the property generally, its residents and their assets. Induction also ensures residents are able to fully understand, access and enjoy the facilities at the property.

From the induction session, all Owners and Occupiers are provided with a Welcome Pack.  This pack provides basic information about The Hallmark, its rules and the way the community works. 

The induction session is provided by our Building Manager or nominee at a mutually convenient time but should occur at the time of first occupying a Lot.

During the induction new Owners and Occupiers will be issued with relevant security fobs that are programmed to ensure access is provided to their relevant areas and floor.  Fobs are electronically linked to the access control system and can be programmed to provide or prevent access to certain areas such as a residential floor not occupied by a resident.  

Induction ensures new Owners and Occupiers can maximise their use and enjoyment of the property without disrupting the security and safety of other residents.