2–14 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria

Living in a communal residential setting is a rewarding experience that is quite different to other domestic environments. Often you will see your neighbours, other residents and staff as you move in or around the property. Our intention is to ensure open communication across the community. This includes briefings from the Committee to all lot owners and a newsletter distributed to residents from the Building Manager.

Community communications are provided in two formats.

Committee Briefings: The appointed committee of management will circulate Committee Briefing papers to all owners electronically. The purpose of these briefings is to update members on the actions of the committee and all Owners Corporation type matters.

Access to previously issued committee briefings and newsletters is available to all lot owners via the secure owners portal. See link: Owners portal access / registration

Newsletters: The Building Manager will issue a printed newsletter to all mailboxes on site and an electronic copy to all absentee owners. Typically the newsletter will include: reports from the building manager, relevant information from the OC manager and information about the local area and pending events etc.

For persons living in our community, it is expected that all residents will act in the best interests of fellow residents and the property. This means the behaviour of residents and guests should not adversely impact on the living environment of other community members.  

Residents will share common areas such as car parks, lifts, the pool and entrance or exit points.  By far the most common issues to be considered by all residents are noise and potential disruptive activities in and around the property.  

The establishment and maintenance of your community requires tolerance and respect for others hence the importance of understanding Rules of the Owners Corporation.  

These Rules ensure your community consistently understand their rights and obligations.  A summary and complete copy of the Rules are contained within this website under the section entitled OC Rules