2–14 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria

This section of the website provides information for residents about common issues when living in a residential community. It also has information for Contractors and Visitors.


A number of residents keep a pet in their apartment.  These pets include dogs, cats and birds of various size and breed. Please familiarise yourself with the OC Rules.

Contractors & Visitors

Information for contractors.


Information about deliveries that can be accepted by the Building Manager or Concierge on behalf of a resident.

Guests of Residents

Owners and/or Occupiers are responsible for the behaviour of their guests including any disruption to the enjoyment of the property including noise generation.


Induction is a mandatory requirement for all new Owners and Occupiers.

Instruction Manuals

A number of standard Lot items such as intercoms, dishwashers, air-conditioners and heaters have online Instruction Manuals.

Moving In or Out

Moving in or out of the building can cause undue disruption to our community members and/or potential damage to the property.


This section has an archive of past Hallmark newsletters with latest updates from the Building Manager.


Noise is inevitable within any high-rise residential environment.

Security and Safety

The Hallmark property is relatively safe and secure but awareness and following our guidelines minimises the risk of incidents.


Carelessly discarded smoking butts can impact upon enjoyment of our community and also cause fire.

Trades/Services Information

Check this page for preferred/suggested trades/services providers.


Owners and/or Occupiers must ensure disposal of garbage or waste does not adversely affect the health, hygiene or comfort of the community.

10 Year Maintenance Plan 12112015 416 KB PDF file