2–14 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria

This page provides information for all contractors and visitors attending The Hallmark. It also guides residents who may wish to engage a contractor or visitor at the property. The Building Manager is the first point of contact. He can be contacted on 0422 387 384. We recommend calling the Building Manager before any contractor or visitor attends the property to ensure the work or visit can proceed unimpeded. Note the Building Manager is authorised by the Owners Corporation to enforce the Owners Corporation Rules.

For the purposes of the Hallmark Rules, a contractor is a person engaged to perform work such as maintenance, painting, electrical and the like whether in a Lot (apartment) or in common areas.  A visitor is a person attending the site to perform a task such as a real estate agent conducting inspections, a photographer taking photos or other person conducting business with an Owner or Occupier such as discussing terms/conditions or quoting for works. 

Every contractor intending to work at The Hallmark property must meet with and produce to the Building Manager:

  1. Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance;
  2. Safe Work Method Statement; and
  3. Workers Compensation before commencement of any work.

All contractors and visitors:

  1. Must be duly inducted by the Building Manager;
  2. Signed in and out of the Contractors & Visitors Register; and
  3. Wear a suitable lanyard issued by the Building Manager.  

If attending the site on more than one day, the contractor or visitor must meet with the Building Manager and sign in and out each day.

All contractors and visitors coming to The Hallmark must make contact with the Building Manager before commencement of any work or visit.

Works cannot commence before 8am and must be completed by 4pm (Mon to Fri). Weekend work is not permitted without prior approval of Building Manager.

Parking is available for contractors and visitors subject to prior arrangement with the Building Manager.

No building materials are to be stored in the front foyer or on common property.

All materials/tools must go up via lifts.

If a lift is required it must be booked 48 hrs prior to works commencing.  Residents and other contractors or visitors may have priority without suitable notice.

Contractors must enter and exit through the basement car park or means of access nominated by the Building Manager.

No cutting or sawing of any building materials is allowed on common property unless approved by the Building Manager and safety barriers are installed.

Contractors and visitors are responsible for cleaning up before leaving The Hallmark.

Behaviour must be appropriate for a high quality residential environment i.e. no shouting, swearing, smoking, alcohol or drugs and the like.

Any damage to common property must be reported to the Building Manager immediately.