2–14 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria

The Hallmark property is relatively safe and secure but awareness and following our guidelines minimises the risk of incidents.

The security and safety of all residents, staff and visitors is reliant on our physical equipment and also the care taken by persons entering and leaving the property. 

It is important that the following be adopted by all residents:

  • Do not provide your fob to anyone else or leave it hidden around the property.  An unauthorised user can breach our first point of perimeter security and therefore expose other residents to a potentially unsafe environment;
  • Report a lost or stolen fob immediately.  The Building Manager / Concierge will withdraw the fob-programmed access rights from the system (access rights can always be reinstated if your fob was found to be misplaced);
  • Do not allow tailgating at the car park gate as indicated on the "No Tailgating" sign. Once you drive onto the property stop your vehicle immediately inside the car park until the roller gate closes.  You can then drive to your allocated area.  If an attempt is made to tailgate or a vehicle actually tailgates immediately report this to the Building Manager / Concierge.  Staff can confirm the tailgating incident through the CCTV system including the identify of the vehicle/driver.  Staff are instructed to address this issue with the tailgater on behalf of the Owners Corporation;
  • If a person follows you onto the property at any point do not become isolated by entering a lift or moving further into the car park.  It is better to remain or go to the foyer near the Building Manager's Office.  All points of entry/exit are under CCTV surveillance but it is more likely there will be activity at the main entrance adjacent to the Building Manager's Office;
  • If a person follows you on to the property after-hours i.e. between 11.30pm and 7.30am do not confront or challenge them but rather move to a safe place and depending on your perception of risk call security on ??? or police on 000;
  • If you have driven onto the property and a person(s) follows your vehicle into the car park sometimes the safest place is to remain in your vehicle and monitor their movements.  They may be residents but please remain cautious until you are sure it is safe to exit your vehicle and move to the lifts.

If you perceive or detect a security or safety issue please ensure you communicate your concern with the Building Manager through Contacts > Building Manager.

Further information can be found in the Owners Corporation Rules.