2–14 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria

The Hallmark building comprises both Owners and Occupiers. A number of “Lots” (apartments and their respective car parks and storage areas) are owned and occupied by individual owners, or occupied by others such as tenants.

All Owners and Occupiers have similar rights and obligations regarding use and enjoyment of the property although Lot Owners only can be members of the Owners Corporation (“OC”).  

Being a Lot Owner means individuals have voting entitlements relating to the property and are able to nominate for the Owners Corporation Committee.

The Hallmark OC Committee actively encourages new members to ensure fresh ideas and thinking is an integral part of future planning and decision-making at The Hallmark.

For reasons of security and safety, it is important you submit a Resident Information Form. This form will ensure you can be contacted by The Hallmark staff should an urgent or emergency situation arise. You should also email the Building Manager where any contact details change such as telephone, email, emergency contact and the like.

The Resident Information Form can be completed online from this website or you can complete it in writing and deliver it to the Building Manager.