2–14 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria

This section of the website provides information about living in a residential community, owners and occupiers and how The Hallmark community is organised.

The Property

The Hallmark was formerly a 12 storey Travelodge Hotel before re-development into a 19 level residential complex in 2005.

Places of Interest

There are many places of interest in the immediate area of the property, including Royal Botanic Gardens, Albert Park Lake and the Shrine of Remembrance.


View photos of the building, views from the building, and facilities.

Living in a Residential Community

Living in a residential community can be quite different to other environments.

Owners and Occupiers

The Hallmark building comprises both Owners and Occupiers.

Owners Corporation Committee

The Owners Corporation Committee is a legally structured organisation pursuant to the Owners Corporations Act 2006 (Vic).

Useful Links

A selection of curated links for residents.