2–14 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria

Moving in or out of the building can cause undue disruption to our community members and/or potential damage to the property. There are strict rules associated with moving in or out as outlined below. If moving in, proof of settlement or rental agreement must be produced prior to any lift booking being confirmed. The Building Manager must be contacted well in advance of any move in or out on 0422 387 384

  • The Building Manager must be notified in writing at least 48 hours prior to the proposed move.  You should call and discuss you requirements with the Building Manager on 0422 387 384 prior to sending any written request;
  • Like all contractors conducting any work at The Hallmark, removalists must be registered and insured before attending to conduct work; 
  • Moving in or out should only occur mid-week (between 10am – 4pm);
  • Moving in or out on a Saturday can only occur if a fee is paid for overtime attendance by the Building Manager or nominee;
  • A lift can only be blocked off for two hour periods. If an extension of time if required you must have approval of the Building Manager;
  • A protective skirt must be placed within the relevant lift by staff to protect it from damage;
  • Moving in or out is not permitted through the front glass doors (main entrance);
  • There are parking options available through the Building Manager depending on removal vehicles used, the size and number of items to be moved and anticipated time of the move in or out;
  • A bond of $500 is required for all moves in or out;
  • Any cardboard boxes or other items from the move must be disposed of appropriately; and
  • It is important to liaise with the Building Manager, giving plenty of notice.  This will ensure the move in or out proceeds without incident.

Lift Car and Lift Door Opening Dimensions  

Levels 1 - 13: 1800mm wide x 1150mm deep x 2200mm high (Door Opening for Levels 1 to 13 is 900 mm wide and 2030mm wide)

Level 14 - 19:  1500mm wide x 1450mm deep x 2200mm high (Door Opening for Levels 14 to 19 is 1000mm wide x 2030mm high)

Apartment Door Opening Dimensions

Check with the Building Manager as dimensions vary between floors.