2–14 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria

In any emergency where urgent assistance is required from Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance immediately dial 000.

When you call 000:

  1. Your call is connected to the Emergency Call Service (ECS)
  2. ECS will answer "Emergency - do you require Police, Fire or Ambulance?"  If the caller is on a mobile telephone they will be asked for the city and state they are in
  3. Respond with the service/location you require
  4. Your call will then be connected to the emergency service you require

When asking for Victoria Police you will be connected to the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) where the call taker will ask:

  1. Where is your emergency?
  2. What has happened?
  3. When did this happen?

Calmly answer all questions asked by the ESTA call taker - police will be dispatched to assist with the emergency.

 Only call the emergency services in an emergency. If you want to report a crime that has occurred at some time earlier such as damage to a vehicle or theft call local police at South Melbourne (see the link on this website)