2–14 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria

Carelessly discarded smoking butts can impact upon enjoyment of our community and also cause fire. Like all residential complexes, The Hallmark prohibits smoking on or in the common property.

Carelessly discarded cigarette butts are a frequent cause of fire.  It is important that a butt is fully extinguished before disposing of it. 

It is against The Hallmark Rules to dispose or permit the disposal of cigarette butts or ash over balconies or in the common property.  Any breach of this Rule must be reported to the Building Manager who will be required to formally investigate and report breaches to the OC Committee.

Residents who allow smoking around their apartment must ensure they have a safe place to dispose of cigarette butts and the like.  Disposal should be within a container placed on a balcony and can be sealed so that wind does not blow butts or ash onto any balcony or other area.

At no time is a cigarette butt to be placed in the garbage chute or rubbish bin unless it is fully extinguished.